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26 October, 2021 | Gemyn Articles

Gemyn Foundation – Giving back to the communities and innovating the blockchain world


It's no secret that the foundation is a major part of the Gemyn culture. When you use Gemyn, a fraction of your money goes to worthwhile charities. Cryptocurrency education and acceptance are supported through the foundation's efforts. In addition, the organization assists communities that the construction of industrial mining warehouses has adversely impacted.


The present challenges in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field vary from a lack of supporting introduction tools and poor communication tools, particularly for first-time investors, to time-consuming and expensive downtime. In the current state of affairs, the problem of high-quality development and timely community updates has not been adequately addressed to fulfill users' expectations. Some mining pools operate in an unethical manner, which we believe is a major hurdle for many cryptocurrency platforms. We believe that these practices taint the whole cryptocurrency world's reputation. One of the purposes of the Gemyn platform is to set a much higher norm, to offer its users the impression that they are not dealing with a "wild west" kind of platform.

The mining pool sector has had a significant increase in growth, and a plethora of mining pool platforms have recently placed a greater emphasis on profit margins than on providing high-quality service, which must be changed. The majority of mining pool systems available today have a user interface that is exceedingly tough to use for newbies. Newcomers to mining will find these tools to be difficult or even hazardous to use if they do not have access to good tutorials or professional help.


Gemyn will prioritize the community's needs and commit to providing timely and dependable customer service to all users who want help or advice on a potential option they are considering. We want to provide the finest customer experience in the world while also being as transparent as possible, both of which are at the core of our platform's mission. A cutting-edge technology platform that will be updated regularly to ensure that the Gemyn mining pool is not prone to technical difficulties due to a large number of users, cyberattacks, or any other complications that are typical with mining pools will be used.

The Gemyn Foundation was established to give back to people and habitats that have been harmed by the fast expansion of other cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Gemyn relies on a novel business strategy that is more scalable than the previous cryptocurrencies.


The blockchain ecosystem is meant to provide revolutionary possibilities for many sectors of society to improve their quality of life. The Gemyn foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that our platform supports the world's most disenfranchised populations. To do this, we will establish a transparent and accountable blockchain contribution system that will enable all of our contributors to participate actively in trading and tracking the impact of their great giving. Empowerment initiatives that promote financial knowledge and awareness in underserved areas. The Gemyn foundation will give cash for microloans as well as grants for innovative local businesses and concepts. 10% of profits from mining pools will be donated to the Gemyn charity.

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