Learn about the Gemyn business model and the evolution of GMN.

GMN has all the benefits of traditional cryptocurrencies and much more.

Just like other cryptocurrencies you probably already know, GMN is decentralised, immutable, free from censorship. What makes GMN better is that the Gemyn network is faster, simpler and more sustainable.

Secure wallet and encryption

The official Gemyn wallet will provide you with the highest level of security to free you from any concern that your coins could be unsafe. To access your Gemyn wallet, you will need to provide your credentials and pass a two-factor authentication check. Once inside the application, you will be able to view your available balance, transaction history, make deposits and withdrawals. To enhance security and ensure trust in the community, you can enable the feature to require passing 2-FA whenever you make a withdrawal. With all these checks and balances, your wallet is completely secure.

Better for the environment

The Gemyn network doesn’t require warehouses full of high-performance mining systems to process your transactions. Anyone with an average laptop can complete GMN blocks. There is no need for mass cooling and vast amounts of power to process transactions.

Support great causes when you use GMN

A cornerstone of the Gemyn community is the foundation. You can feel good about using Gemyn, as every transaction contributes to great causes. The foundation supports initiatives that aid the education and adoption of cryptocurrencies in underbanked communities. Furthermore, the foundation supports environments that have been negatively affected by factory mining warehouses.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital, cryptographic and decentralised payment instruments. Like traditional government-issued money, cryptocurrencies only have value or buying power because people believe they have value. It’s a hard concept to accept, but the paper notes in your wallet and the digits in your bank account are only valuable because people believe it is. Cryptocurrencies depend on cryptography and hardcoded rules to govern the creation and authorise transactions. • Learn more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and wallets

Restoring decentralisation to crypto

Did you know that just seven organisations process 75% of Bitcoins transactions? That does not sound very decentralised, does it? Because of the minimal resources needed to process GMN transactions, thousands of miners can be involved in the process, finally making cryptocurrencies decentralised again


Start spending with a better cryptocurrency

Trade GMN on exchanges

Gemyn (GMN) will be available to trade on various exchanges to ensure the community can easily buy and sell coins on demand. You can expect to find GMN traded on tier-1 exchanges and decentralised exchanges.

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