About Us

Gemyn is a decentralised organisation made of a team of crypto-enthusiasts and decentralised finance advocates.

Our mission is to restore the foundational principles that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were designed around.

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Gemyn Mission

The ICO-rush and BTC scaling problems pushed crypto off course, Gemyn is putting it back on track.

We want to provide the confidence, security and opportunity to companies and individuals who currently have their mining equipment turned off or without generating income, to recover their investment

Our algorithm is programmed to allow anyone to earn a reasonable amount of GMN. We will demonstrate to the community an efficient way on a large scale where each person can be involved in crypto assets.

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What makes Gemyn a better cryptocurrency?

The Gemyn Foundation is in place to give back to communities and environments that have suffered from the rapid evolution of other cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Gemyn operates an innovative business model that is more scalable than the predecessor cryptocurrencies.

GMN is powered by a much more economical and sustainable blockchain network.

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Do you want to join our decentralised team? We’re always looking out for talented people who share our vision of an open financial ecosystem that is free and accessible to everyone

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